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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting


Practical Flow Cytometry - an online version of Howard Shapiro's classic book, hosted by BeckmanCoulter.

Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction - an online version of Michael Ormerod's book, hosted by Denovo Software.

Purdue University Cytometry Labs - Informative site including general cytometry links as well as the very helpful  Cytometry e-mail list archives.

The Flow Cytometry Core of the Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science has an excellent collection of applications and protocols for flow cytometry.

Compensation: yet another perspective - Check out Mario Roederer's tutorial on correct compensation.

Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies - A set of protocols from Mario Roederer on antibody conjugation.


Some useful sites containing fluorophore excitation/emission spectra databases are:

Spectraviewer from Thermo Fisher (formerly Molecular Probes).

Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer from Becton Dickinson.

FluorPlan Spectra Viewer from eBioscience (requires Java).

Fluorescent Protein Resource Center - in addition to excitation/emission maxima contains other useful information about fluorescent proteins and their properties.

Cytometry Societies

ISAC - Home page of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry.

DGfZ - Home page of the German Society for Cytometry.


Software and Company Sites

FluoroFinder - here you can find listings of Lighthouse analyser and cell sorter configurations, as well as help with panel design.

Flowing Software - a flow cytometry data analysis softare from the Turku Centre for Biotechnology which is free for academic users. Tutorials and documentation are available online.

FlowJo - Lighthouse has two licenses for this flow cytometry analysis software. The official website has several online tutorials. You can also download a demo version of it directly  here.

Linscott's Directory - Directory of commercially available antibodies.

Antikoerper Online - Directory of commercially available antibodies.

BD Biosciences - Where you can get more information about the Aria cell sorters and LSR Fortessa and FACS Canto analysers

Beckman Coulter  - Where you can get more information about the MoFlo Astrios cell sorter and Gallios and Navios analysers.

Sony Biotechnology - Where you can get more information about the SP6800 ZE spectral analyzer.

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